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Calling All Real Estate Agents & Contract Administrators!

Take a moment to think about the number of hours you put into securing a listing, marketing a property, hosting open homes and negotiating the best deal for your client. What if that contract was then terminated because of simple yet costly errors that could have been avoided right from the start?

Incomplete or error-ridden contracts are a conveyancer’s best friend when their client wants to terminate (within their legal rights of course). This is my opportunity to share with you the craft of conveyancing and give you an insight to what happens after a contract leaves your desk. 

This is a no-nonsense, hands-on look at client expectations, contracts, legislative issues (that you may or may not be aware of) and your role and responsibilities so that you can protect your next deal.

Real Estate Agent & Admin Program

Max. 10 People Per Session
$ 220* Per Person
  • This hands-on program is based around practical examples and is presented in a relaxed learning environment where your input is always welcomed. You will receive extensive insight to each section of a standard Residential Contract and learn from my experience on how best to ensure your deal is free from errors.
  • 1 Day / 6 Hours
Tanya explained complex topics thoroughly and in an easy to understand manner. The training felt well thought out and the materials were super useful and will be excellent reference materials going forward. I learnt extra things conveyancers confirm for the client “behind the scenes”
Melissa Kroes
Contract Admin
Always learn something when trained by Tanya even after 12 years in the industry. 5 out of 5 for content – outlined and explained easily to understand. Enjoyed learning more about certain topics that I thought I was already in the know about but wasn’t.
Lance Russell
Real Estate Agent
Enjoyed how information was presented. I really liked the format – it was easy to follow and engaging. 5 out of 5 for content – enjoyed the section on GST Withholding and other legal meanings.
Ash Roberts
Sales Agent
Tanya from CCQ has been a wealth of knowledge, support and information. Before my private coaching with her, I knew very little about conveyancing. Her lessons were structured into easy to follow stages which we went through together very thoroughly.
Emily Fairweather
Private Coaching Student

Calling All Conveyancers!

Conveyancing is an extremely hands-on role that can appear repetitive to an outsider looking in. However, what they may not realise is that no two contracts are the same and that we must be prepared for any and all possible scenarios that come our way.

This program breaks down the conveyancing process into 15 stages so that you can understand each stage and how they interconnect with one another. By the time the program is finished, you will (among other things):

  • better understand how and why you do the things you do every day;
  • have a greater awareness of the conveyancing language used throughout forms and documents; and
  • identify the differences in process when you are acting for a Seller versus a Buyer.

The best part of this program is that it is also completely adaptable to you and/or your colleagues’ needs! Since we hope this program puts each participant in good stead for a long future in the industry, we are able tailor the program and focus on certain topics/stages. Simply discuss you or your team’s needs when you are enquiring about the program to see what we can do for you.

Conveyancing in Practice

Max. 4 People Per Program
$ POA* Let us design a package for you! ​
  • Learn about and apply the 15 stages of the conveyancing process, including how to:
    - Read a contract and understand what you are required (or may need) to do
    - Prepare relevant documents (such as Office of State Revenue, Australian Tax Office and Queensland Titles Registry forms)
    - Communicate effectively with all stakeholders
    - Identify and conduct the relevant property searches
    - Calculate settlement figures (the old fashioned way)
    - Understand what makes a contract valid
    - and much more!
  • Face to Face Coaching Program
  • Laptop Required
private or corporate

Alternative Programs

We understand that not everyone has the same learning style or the ability to step away from their desk for long periods of time. That is why we also offer private or corporate group programs where the coaching sessions are tailored even further to your needs in order to maximise the time you have with us.

3 Easy Steps to Learn, Develop and Grow

Learn - Discuss Your Options

Contact us to find the right program for you and your team’s needs. To reach us at a time that suits you, we are available via our online enquiry form (located on our Contact page), email or phone.

Develop - Book Your Coaching Session

After we have found the right program, it’s time to book your session at a day/time that suits you.

Please note, session availability will be subject to Tanya’s commitments to her conveyancing firm, however all session requests will be taken into consideration and accommodated where possible.

Grow - Experience Your Growth in the Workplace

Take your newfound or refreshed knowledge into the work place. But be assured, each participant has three (3) months of over-the-phone mentoring with Tanya at the conclusion of their program to provide further guidance when needed.