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Master conveyancing and contracts with CCQ.

CCQ was launched in 2018 and not a day goes by that we do not feel honoured and humbled to be part of someone’s learning journey. We are so excited to share the craft of conveyancing and residential contracts with you.

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Are you struggling with day-to-day tasks or do not understand why you do certain things?

Do you not understand why you do the things you do as part of your job?

Do you need to refresh your skills or knowledge?

CCQ’s unique professional programs have been designed to give you a no-nonsense insider look into three key professions of the property industry – Real Estate Sales Agents, Real Estate Contract Administrators and Conveyancers. 

Our programs cover a large array of topics including:

History & Terminology
Process & Roles
Body Corporate
Transfer Duty & Titles
File Management
Plus more...

Here’s How We Can Help You Succeed

Using practical examples, an interactive learning environment, and our lead coach’s 35+ years of industry experience, we will coach you through the various stages of a residential property transaction so that you can feel more confident in meeting your obligations and satisfying client expectations.

We break down the process so it is easy to understand.

We have broken down the conveyancing process into 15 stages so that each stage can be explored in detail. Whether you need to refresh your knowledge on the history of contracts, or are unsure of what you need to do when a Community Titles Scheme contract comes across your desk, no stage is left out.

We make sure you are prepared for anything by applying our theory to your everyday.

We put what you learn to the test with hands-on practical exercises designed to challenge you and further your understanding of why and how things are done. After all, computer systems are great until they stop working...

With our mentoring service, we have your back after you complete a program.

All program participants receive three (3) months of over-the-phone mentoring after they complete a program. This means that if you need guidance on a contract or are simply unsure, we are available to take your call. You will also be given access to dedicated resources via our website so that you can remain up to date with any important news or industry changes.


See what our clients have to say about CCQ

Tanya explained complex topics thoroughly and in an easy to understand manner. The training felt well thought out and the materials were super useful and will be excellent reference materials going forward. I learnt extra things conveyancers confirm for the client “behind the scenes”
Melissa Kroes
Contract Admin
Always learn something when trained by Tanya even after 12 years in the industry. 5 out of 5 for content – outlined and explained easily to understand. Enjoyed learning more about certain topics that I thought I was already in the know about but wasn’t.
Lance Russell
Real Estate Agent
Enjoyed how information was presented. I really liked the format – it was easy to follow and engaging. 5 out of 5 for content – enjoyed the section on GST Withholding and other legal meanings.
Ash Roberts
Sales Agent
Tanya from CCQ has been a wealth of knowledge, support and information. Before my private coaching with her, I knew very little about conveyancing. Her lessons were structured into easy to follow stages which we went through together very thoroughly.
Emily Fairweather
Private Coaching Student

Tanya Brischetto

When I first started in the industry, I used a manual typewriter and sent all my correspondence in the post. Now, nearly each step of a residential property transaction can be completed electronically.

Over my 35+ year career, I have witnessed a lot of change in the real estate industry. However, I have also witnessed a lot of heartache for clients, real estate agents and conveyancers when a contract is terminated due to administrative and quite frankly, avoidable errors. I noticed these errors were often a result of a lack of knowledge or understanding, not incompetence so I launched CCQ to help others better navigate the complex world of contracts and conveyancing.

Where experience counts to help you learn, develop and grow!
Tanya Brischetto